Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cursed by the Sea God - it's out!

The sequel to Torn from Troy, Cursed by the Sea God, is finally out. You should find it in bookstores now, or if you can't, they'll order it for you. It is totally overloaded with adventure. When we were trying to decide what scene to put on the cover, I came up with a list of no fewer than 33 scenes that would make good covers. No exaggeration! I'll claim as much credit as I can, but I'm just following a trail laid down by Homer so I have to give him most of the credit. Although I hope I've spruced it up a bit.

On a related note, I did a signing for Cursed by the Sea Godat the OLA Super Conference two weeks ago. I then came down with the flu, which is why this post is late. One of my daughters, misremembering the name of the conference, insisted on calling it the "Giant Librarian Conference". Way too compelling, that title, but that's the name that's stuck in my mind now and forever. Giant librarians notwithstanding, It's a great conference if you have a chance to go. Lots of book sellers, new releases, authors doing signings, and various library support services that I never knew existed. If I'd thought I would have taken a picture of myself with my Greek helmet on as I signed books. Hmm. Maybe it's just as well I didn't.